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Are you a Web site administrator, a Web developer, or a home user surfing the Web using Internet Explorer? Do you ever need to make screenshots of Web pages you visit? Sometimes those pages are longer than one screen, and you have to scroll down to see the whole page taking screenshot after screenshot as you go, right?

Avoid the repetitive hassles of making complete screenshots of long pages! Just download, install and enjoy one or more of our IE Screenshot™ products and soon you'll be making screenshots of Web pages with just one click!

IE Screenshot will automatically scroll down the Web page you need, combine its parts into one image and save the final screenshot in one handy file.
Compatible with Internet Explorer 11
All our products require Microsoft® Windows® 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/Seven and Internet Explorer® version 5.5 or better. IE Screenshot™ compatible with Windows 8.1 and Windows® Internet Explorer® 11.

IE Screenshot™ Pro - Get snapshots of Web pages

IE Screenshot™ Pro button and menu
Commercial software that adds a button to the Internet Explorer toolbar, allows you to make a screenshot of an entire Web page (or only its visible part) with one click and saves it as an image file in the format you select (all popular graphic formats are supported, including JPEG, JPEG 2000, GIF, PNG, BMP, etc.).

Do you have a Web page of your own? IE Screenshot Pro can even create a thumbnail image - perfect for publishing your screenshots on your Web site.

Would you like to stamp a word or phrase on the image? No problem! IE Screenshot Pro will stamp the text you specify, the current date, or the URL of the original page on your screenshots. You can even adjust the transparency of the text layer.


I have used a few similar programs and have finally found one that really fills all of my needs. I especially like "get a screenshot of a web page and its thumbnail with one click". Another great feature - make a screenshot and send it by e-mail to others. There are too many features to mention them all except to say "try it, you will like it!".
Jonathan Ellrodt
Do you need to make a screenshot and e-mail it to friends or co-workers? IE Screenshot Pro to the rescue again! Just click the corresponding menu item, and IE Screenshot Pro will create a new e-mail message and automatically attach the image file to it.

So, if you are looking for software, such as a converter of Web pages to image files or thumbnail images, IE Screenshot Pro is exactly what you want. Download IE Screenshot Pro now and enjoy it for capturing Web pages.

Current version: 2.8.0 (build 15.0207), File Size: 1.49 MB/1.98 MB

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If you have installed IE Screenshot Pro, but don't see its icon on the toolbar, read this FAQ.

IE Screenshot™ Free - Save Web Page as BMP

IE Screenshot™ context menu item


Until I came across IE Screenshot, I had to do the same cumbersome steps over and over - capture several separate screenshots and then to stitch them all together in Photoshop. But IE Screenshot made it all easy - one click and I get a screenshot of the Web page I need. That's wonderful!
Virgil Zeisler
Free software that allows you to make a screenshot of a full Web page with one click and saves the screenshot as a bitmap (BMP) file. IE Screenshot Free adds a button to the Internet Explorer toolbar and adds the context menu to Internet Explorer.

How to use? No software is easier!
1) Click the IE Screenshot toolbar button in Internet Explorer or
2) Right-click in Internet Explorer and select Make a Screenshot from the context menu.

Current version: 2.2.0 (build 15.0207); File Size: 388 KB/465 KB

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If you have installed IE Screenshot Pro, but don't see its icon on the toolbar, read this FAQ.
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