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Contact Us

Before contacting us, please read the Help file and the ReadMe file which are supplied with the product. You may find an answer to your question there. If not, you can contact us any way most convenient for you.
You can send an e-mail anytime to one of our addresses listed below:

for questions regarding support, keys, full versions, etc.

for questions regarding payment, orders, and advertising.

Note:   When you e-mail us, please mention the product name in the subject. The increasing amount of SPAM coming to our e-mail addresses often makes it hard to distinguish between real and junk mail, and our spam filters sometimes mark "real" messages as junk. Therefore, we recommend that you do not leave the Subject field blank and avoid using subjects like "Hi", "Hello", "Question", etc. Also avoid sending us message attachments (including screenshots), unless previous arrangements have been made. If you do send screenshots, use an archiver program like WinZip to compress them.
Mailing Address
You may use either address to contact us by postal mail.
P.O. Box 7469
Glasgow G42 0YD
Scotland, U.K.
P.O. Box 73
Lukhovitsy-1, 140501
Moscow, RUSSIA
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